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Yoga: to unite, to create a union between body, mind & spirit.


Indigo Yoga Studio has been a staple in the yoga community here in Las Cruces since 2014.

Our aim is to continue to serve the hottest and most grounding yogic practices, honoring the truest meaning of yoga, while raising individual self and universal consciousness.

Indigo is committed to building a community of kindness, respect, and compassion through our classes, workshops, and community events.


Indigo Yoga brings the heat! 

Infared Heated Classes

We pride ourselves on our world-class infrared heated yoga classes. Infrared heat amplifies your physical practice; this specialized heat penetrates deeper into the muscles, joints, and tissues, which can help improve flexibility, and reduce stiffness and stress in the body while speeding up recovery times. Infrared heat can improve circulation and blood flow, which aids in detoxification and healing.

Infrared heat is a more natural heat than traditional heating methods. This heat warms you directly, mimicking the warmth of the sun. It does not dry out the air so there is no risk of induced allergies or other respiratory issues so practitioners can breathe easily and enjoy a comfortable yoga session.

This is ideal for yogis who want to get the most out of their practice and take results off their mat.


Pricing & Passes

Drop in - $15

5 Class Pass - $80

10 Class Pass - $150

20 Class Pass - $250

Unlimited Monthly (auto-pay) - $130

Unlimited Monthly - $145
1 Year Unlimited - $1500


Student / Senior Discount Passes available
*must show ID

Experience Indigo Teachers

Sharing Our Practice

Indigo yoga teachers have honed their skills over years of practice, developing a unique to Indigo teaching style and energy that can help students overcome obstacles and deepen their understanding of yoga.


Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, recovering from injury, dealing with chronic pain, or building strength and flexibility we tailor instruction to meet the needs of each class and individual.


Our experienced teachers embody the true spirit of yoga, emphasizing self-discovery, compassion, and connection. With their instruction, you can cultivate awareness, presence, and inner peace that can transform your life both on and off the mat.

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